Sampadha: Webseries

It’s a 12-episode web series

20yr old Raasi,

25yr old Jagan

30yr old Mehika,

35yr old Samyukta, and

55yr old Rajesh, began their lives, career and businesses with many aspirations.

Surprisingly, all of them started to witness barriers to their successful lives and careers.

These hurdles did not come from the society or bureaucracy, or friends, but by smaller and critical issues that most of us overlook or give least importance to.

Watch this fun filled family oriented web series to find out if they have overcame the obstacles or succumbed to those pressures like the rest of us.

Stories, Concept and Producer : Narasinga Rao M.V.
Dialogues, Screenplay and Director: Gonthina Vijay 
Cinematographer and Editor: Abhi Ram K 
Executive Producers : Srinivas and Jhansi