M.V. Narasinga Rao is the founder and chief strategist at Sampadha, A Financial Consultant firm

He is a speaker, finfit mentor, coach, and author

Sampadha is a PFRDA Registered Retirement Advisor and SEBI Registered Research Analyst firm

He helps individuals and small businesses to grow in the safest and shortest way possible.

Sampadha has 2 categories of clients

    1. Individuals with aspirations of next level
    2. Small Businesses with aspiration growing powerful

Individuals are guided on designing their visioned life, develop freedom plan, and reduce time in achieving ideal life and financial freedom. Sampadha assists Individuals on moving to next level of lifestyle, by growing their net worth on yearly basis, increasing income from assets, converting liabilities into assets, generating additional income sources and maximising post tax income.

Small Business and owners are guided by designing strategy to scale their businesses to acquire competitors by attracting and retaining key human resources. Sampadha assists small businesses by handling and increasing their cash inflows, mapping revenues and cash outflows, reducing risks, managing assets and liabilities, and business tax consultations.

In Simple, Sampadha guides both individuals and small businesses in defining their goals and design financial strategies to achieve them in a safest and shortest way possible

As a Research Analyst, Financial Planner, Investment Advisor, Investor, and Trader with over 15 years in Financial Services Industry.

Mr Narasinga Rao realized that most of the middle-class families are not able to elevate to next level due to no clear process of financial planning and he also believes that market participants (Investor and Trader) are underutilizing their assets and capital markets to get the most out of it.

Most of the participants are seen using capital markets at extreme ends

    1. Either using capital markets as another avenue to save money and buy assets like in other fixed assets (Buy, Hold and Pray)
    2. Or using it as a gambling arena to get rich in a short period of time


Narasinga Rao opines about Capital markets / financial markets participation that it should be treated as a business where active involvement is needed for making the most and the best from the capital markets, spanning from screening multiple opportunities to investing, trading, selection of opportunity, allocation of adequate money resources, implementation of strategy, reviewing it and adjusting it as per market dynamics to get better risk-adjusted returns.

His idea is to make sure that clients make the best income for the investment and risk taken by clients. His core expertise is using different instruments and active strategies to get the most and best from the markets, he also believes in both timing the markets and time spent in the market to compound wealth and get regular income from markets.

Professional Qualifications

    • Post Graduate Diploma in Fintech, Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Hyderabad
    • Management Development Program, Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Lucknow
    • Research Analyst from National Institute of Securities Market
    • Retirement Advisor from National Institute of Securities Market
    • Certified Technical Analyst from Association of Technical Analyst
    • Certified Financial Planner, FPSB India


Speaker and TV Shows

400+ Events

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